NOVEMBER 9-15, 2020

This year the Fleet Week San Diego Innovation Zone is going VIRTUAL!  See below:

Fleet Week Virtual Innovation Zone / Student STEM Days

A virtual experience hosted on the Fleet Week website. Visitors will click on the exhibitors simulated “booth space” inside the Pavilion at the Broadway Pier, and be taken to a live or recorded tour, STEM discussion, or demonstration of the exhibitor’s choosing. Live events will be scheduled in advance and “Interactive”  to the maximum extent possible.

The virtual experience is not intended as an infomercial or advertising space, rather as a demonstration of the exhibitor’s use of Innovative and cutting edge technology in their products or services. Advertising space is available and will be handled separately. The exhibitor will also have the opportunity to link to their website at the end of the demonstration/discussion.

All video presentations will also be shared on Fleet Week social media sites and the Fleet Week YouTube channel.

If video or streaming assistance is needed, Fleet Week will work with the exhibitor to arrange a meeting with our technical support team.

For additional information and exhibitor costs please contact Maggie Young at